Coppell, TX 75099 ZIP Code Profile

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Coppell, TX

Preferred City Name & Primary Data

Preferred Name, USPS
Coppell, TX 75099

Not Acceptable, USPS
USPS Official Mail, TX 75099

Primary Data:

  • Businesses Addresses: 0
  • Single Family Addresses: 0
  • Multi-Family Addresses: 0
  • County: Dallas County
  • Centroid: Latitude 32.954, Longitude -97.015
  • Time Zone: Central Time Zone (UTC -6 hours)
  • Observes DST: Yes

75099 ZIP Code Profile Overview

  1. The Data section of the 75099 Profile (this page) specifies the USPS Preferred City Name plus any additional city names they associate with this ZIP Code and Primary 75099 ZIP Code Data (see above). This page also has current Demographic Data for 75099 and Peer Comparison Data to other Texas ZIP Codes.
  2. The Maps section shows the Boundary Map for ZIP Code 75099.
  3. The Photos section shows photos taken in and around Coppell, TX 75099. The location of the photos (availiable in 2 sizes) are displayed on a map.
  4. The Schools section displays either a list of schools in Coppell, TX 75099 or a link to Dallas County schools.
  5. The Jobs section is a Jobs and Employment Center for Coppell, TX 75099 with a searchable database of local area employment opportunities.

Coppell, TX 75099 Data & Demographics (As of July 1, 2014)

Sorry. No data and demographic information is available for ZIP Code 75099.


Coppell, TX 75099: Peer Comparison by Rank and Percentile (As of July 1, 2014)

Sorry. No ranking and comparison information is available for ZIP Code 75099.