Locating Texas Cemetery Records An Introduction


Visiting Famous Graves and Viewing Texas Cemetery Records

There are many reasons to search for Texas cemetery records. You may be looking for a long lost friend or relative. You may be using Texas cemetery records for researching your family tree and looking for the details, such as burial sites for your great, great, great, great grandparents.

Some people search for Texas cemetery records because they have a fascination with the morbid, or times gone by. One of the top reasons to look for Texas cemetery records, however, is to see what famous people are buried nearby your own city! Sure, California has most of the A-listers, but Texas cemetery records show that the state isn't without its dead celebrity population.

Texas Cemetery Records Used to Find the Famous Dead in Dallas

What famous celebrities will a search of Texas cemetery records pull up near you? If you happen to be in the Dallas area, Texas cemetery records will tell you that your dead neighbors happen to be the famous crime duo Bonnie and Clyde. While they wished to be buried together, Texas cemetery records claim that family and the media stopped it from happening. Bonnie Parker is buried in the Crown Hill Cemetery, and Clyde Barrow is buried next to his brother in the Western Heights Cemetery Texas. Cemetery records sure come in handy!

Texas cemetery records might also reveal that other famous names reside in Dallas cemeteries, such as the founder and the owner of the football team known as the Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt. Texas cemetery records reveal other big sports names as well, such as like football couch Thomas Wade Landry, and baseball legend Mickey Mantle. Also found in Texas cemetery records for Dallas is the makeup maven herself, Mary Ash, aka the founder of Mary Kay. Actress Greer Garson, who is known for her roles in Mrs. Miniver and Pride and Prejudice is also buried in Dallas, Texas. Cemetery records certainly can help you find a lot of the famous deceased!

Texas Cemetery Records and the Rest of Texas's Elite

There is no shortage of famous people throughout the rest of Texas either. Texas cemetery records will show that in Houston Texas, the equally famous and eccentric Howard Hughes is buried. Also in Houston is that famous star who had roles in Laura, Leave Her to Heaven, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and Heaven Can Wait, Gene Tierney. Elsewhere around Texas, according to Texas cemetery records, in the city of Lubbock you have the famous singer whose own death inspired the famous American Pie song by Don McLean, Buddy Holly.

Texas Cemetery Records and the Wild West

According to Texas cemetery records, you can find a number of the Wild West's best buried in Texas. John Wesley Hardin, one of the best known gunfighters of the Wild West, is buried in El Paso, Texas. Judge Roy Bean is buried in Del Rio and Robert "Clay" Allison is buried in Pecos, or so suggests Texas cemetery records. Other famous outlaws, Sam Bass and fellow gang member Seabon Barnes or Nubbin's Colt are buried in Round Rock, Texas. In Giddings Texas, Texas cemetery records claim that you'll find William Preston Longley, better known as Wild Bill, the man who is rumored to have been hung three times before he died.

Use Texas Cemetery Records to Your Advantage

A search of Texas cemetery records does reveal that California isn't the only state with famous dead celebrities in their cemeteries. If it is not too morbid for you, a search of Texas cemetery records is sure to uncover more graves of the famous in your own neck of the woods. You can do a search all over the Internet, or find a place that has all the Texas cemetery records you need to find the answers and people you are searching for.

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