Kenedy County TX Locales


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Name USGS Topo Map
Agua Dulee Windmill Los Amigos Windmill
Agujon Well La Parra Ranch SE
Allen Windmill Turcotte
Alto Blanco Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Alto Bonito Windmill Julian
Ano Nuevo Windmill Yturria
Armstrong Ranch Headquarters Armstrong
Arpones Windmill La Paloma Ranch
Artesiano Windmill Yturria
Atravasada Windmill Turcotte
Ba├▒o Windmill Los Amigos Windmill
Badeno Windmill Rosita Lake
Ball Ranch Pita Camp
Bonita Windmill Los Amigos Windmill
Borrego Windmill Saltillo Well
Botellas Windmill El Jardin
Buena Vista Windmill El Jardin
Cabillos Well La Parra Ranch
Cadillo Windmill Sarita SW
Campo Verde Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Candado Windmill La Paloma Ranch
Capitan Windmill La Paloma Ranch
Carambana Windmill La Paloma Ranch
Carnestolendas Ranch Yarborough Pass
Casa Blanca Windmill Sarita
Cerritos Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Chaparral Windmill La Parra Ranch SE
Chaparrosa Camp Julian
Charco Blanco Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Charco Nine Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Chicago Windmill Saltillo Well
Chiltipin Windmill Rosita Lake
Colorado Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Copita Windmill Andrea Ranch
Corta Sacate Windmill Turcotte
Cuatro de Julio Windmill Rosita Lake
Cuatro de Julio Windmill Sarita
Cuatro Esquinas Windmill Rosita Lake
Disputas Windmill Sarita SW
Disputas Windmill Sarita SW
Dormido Windmill La Paloma Ranch
El Alazan Windmill Rosita Lake
El Alazan Windmill Rosita Lake
El Burro Windmill Rosita Lake NE
El Cortado Windmill Rosita Lake NE
El Florido Windmill Rosita Lake
El Nido Windmill Rosita Lake NE
El Rayo Windmill Rosita Lake NE
El Sauz Windmill San Perlita North
Emes Windmill San Pedro Ranch
Encinitos Windmill Armstrong
Encino Mucho Windmill La Paloma Ranch
Esperanza Windmill Turcotte
Fence Martin Trap Windmill La Parra Ranch SW
Fernades Windmill Turcotte
Finado Windmill Sarita SW
Four Corners Windmill La Paloma Ranch
Fourth of July Windmill San Perlita North
Frijon Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Garcia Ranch Yturria
Gavilan Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Golondrina Well South of Potrero Lopeno NW
Golondrina Windmill Pita Camp
Guajalote Windmill Sarita SW
Guajolote Windmill Los Amigos Windmill
Gueras Windmill Armstrong
Honeymoon Windmill Sarita SW
Horaito Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Huidos Windmill Rosita Lake NE
Huisache Windmill San Pedro Ranch
Huisatcho Windmills Rosita Lake NE
Jim Windmill Pita Camp
La Barenda Windmill Sarita SW
La Melona Windmill Andrea Ranch
La Paloma Ranch La Paloma Ranch
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